Online Portfolio


I made the adjustments (faded dress and forearm tattoo) to better mimic the eccentric character and the moody tone in the novel, Loaded. I used texture, dark hues and bold typography to complete the final cover.


I created a united series “look” with centred subjects, green hues, and other common factors (written in graphic) for a dark romance feel for Max Henry’s Banjaxed series. (N.B. I added tattoos in covers 2 – 4.)


The author behind this logo writes romance ridden with emotion and drama. I went for a romantic vibe with green/blue hues and a traditional script font to balance the girly look with “moodier” vibes.


I used light colours, the same typography block, and crops of the cover image across all the graphics in the pack so the author had a set of eye-catching, branded promotional graphics.


I began with two images: birds in a waterscape and a man in an alley. I focused on elements in each photo, enhanced each new image with blue tones, plus decided on a handwritten font for that mysterious effect in the final cover.


I combined these two different types of images by layering the man on the background with hard light, gradually erasing the bottom seamlessly. I used the above sans-serif font to tie in the SciFi Thriller aspects from the novel.


As The Rookie is a Sports Romance novel, I used a cropped stadium image (the original image was set at night-time) and a football with the couple. After a hair colour adjustment, colourful layers, bokeh, and lens flare it was complete.


I went for a clean, feminine look with a hint of sexiness. A deep purple theme is carried across all images in this pack. It includes images for the author’s website, social media and swag (bookmark and business card).


Sitting on a chair is a very human attribute, so I fed them treats to hold their attention as they posed. I love how I captured that longing look in their eyes. The image is very much focused on the Hungarian Vizsla, but slightly unfocused behind is the other dog, adding depth.


The breeze lifted the dog’s floppy ears when I knelt to her level and got this shot. Hungarian Vizslas are an elegant breed so I think this photo, which looks a lot like a model on a magazine cover, is a perfect culmination of factors: off-centre camera angle, dog posture and facial emotion, and natural light.

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