sunshine through the pines.




Artist Statement

My Body of Work, Faded detours from the subject matter of my Portraiture assignment. However, I carried across the faded look (flatter whites, lighter shadows) and the desaturated, pastel-ish colour palette. I love the subtle emphasis it creates and the emotion that a “quiet” image conveys.

I was inspired by the series I Want to Disappear by Mafalda Rakoš. Mafalda’s series tells the human stories behind a culture that is obsessed with the physical aspect of the disorder. This alternate angle struck a chord with me. I decided to use this as inspiration.

Faded is a first-person account and visual diary exploring the mindset of an anorexia sufferer. It casts aside focus from “food”. The photos in this series straddles literal and conceptual and illustrate the crippling effects of control and self-hatred that sufferers live with. At its core, Faded is the story of control and loneliness. The viewer follows one journey as the photos unfold.

panel 1

panel 2

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