This is the website for Berto Designs, by Rebecca Berto. Make sure to visit the Facebook page to stay up to date on new designs and deals ( in sidebar) →


“Berto designs makes flawless covers and works with authors to ensure they are exactly what they want. I highly recommend.”
— New York Times bestselling author, Teresa Mummert

“I already had an idea of what I wanted before working with Rebecca, but she took my idea and made it more amazing than I could’ve thought possible! Her enthusiasm and passion for her work is evident, and she takes great care to make sure you are completely satisfied before moving forward. Rebecca’s reasonable rates, obvious talent, and friendly disposition make her a great person to commission for any project.”
— Nadia Hasan, writer and blogger


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Contact emails/messages are replied to roughly in 24 hours.

Designs can be completed quickly if image is provided upfront by client.

Please book to allow 1-3 weeks for cover design.

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Contact For Design

Direct email (either direct email or the form below will be responded to!)

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