Nolan Exhibition

Collateral created for a retrospective exhibition on the work of director, writer and producer, Christopher Nolan.


Concept, creation and outputs for new business. Included logo, social media profile image and business card.

Nickelback redesign

Cover redesign within the hard rock genre, plus reimagined within the electronic genre.

Off White zine

Photoshoot, cover design and typesetting for Off White zine: A conversation on culture and identity.  

Naomi photoshoot

Photoshoot to establish model’s social media and portfolio collection.    

Loaded cover

Supplied artwork; images edited; cover concept and creation.

TiNaG cover

Cover concept, design, photo editing and typesetting. Original Images Finals

The Gazette

I was part of a team who designed, stylised and created the look for this daily newspaper, which we published daily for The Emerging Writers’ Festival 2018.  

Planet Pure

This book was created for the launch of the new brand, Planet Pure. I designed the brand, created a poster, and shot a suite of images.  

Magazine spreads

A university project where I set text and graphics in existing magazine styles for each publication at the time. The first is based on Good Weekend, the latter Lucky Peach.

Poppy’s Place flyer

Poppy’s Place required a price list flyer to send to clients. Supplied graphics.

Unknown Publishing

For a university project, I designed the branding and annual report for Unknown Publishing, a small boutique indie publisher. Images supplied. Graphs and illustrations designed by me.

Ethica labels

I created the brand Ethica and designed these labels for their products.